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Divinely Aligned Meditations & Musings with Elena Lipson

Dec 18, 2018

Do you know what you really want?

Do you consciously create the time and space for asking yourself really good questions… and take time to answer them?

I know how powerful it is to do this on a regular basis and today I’m sharing the exact process when I am re-jigging my life and all that I believe is possible.

Here are the 5 steps I will take you through in detail:

  1. Commit to doing it and mark it on your calendar
  2. Make the time SLOW & SACRED
  3. Look back FIRST: Honor-Celebrate-Release-Burn
  4. Ask Good Questions
  5. Commit to BEing


Those are the 5 Divine Rules for Planning 2019. Now, grab your journal and let’s make your planning time sacred now.


As I mentioned in the episode, here is the link to check out my Magic Morning gift to you.

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