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Divinely Aligned Meditations & Musings with Elena Lipson

Sep 29, 2020

Do you have a hard time making decisions?

Do you overthink every little choice?

If so, I know you’re going to love this Intuition Tool as much as I do.

I’d love to hear your thoughts after you listen.

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And if you’re ready to step inside of a like-minded, soul-led community, you can now try...

Sep 25, 2020

Enjoy this special 12-minute guided meditation to connect with a deep sense of TRUST in yourself and your own journey & pace in this life.

Guided meditations are a great way to get out of the β€œmonkey mind” of your thoughts, and into the power and guidance of your highest self. 



It’s from this energy...

Sep 22, 2020

Do you have a hard time releasing expectations of yourself and others?

In today’s episode, we will explore why it’s so important to release expectations of outcomes when you’re creating in your life. And we’ll take a look at the power of releasing expectations when it comes to personal relationships.

I’d love...

Sep 18, 2020

In this episode, I take you on an inner journey to pause. When you get still, from the outside it might look like nothing is happening.

But on the inside, your cells are clearing the clutter of noise and distraction, and  realigning with your inner knowing,  and accessing intuitive guidance.

All you need to do is...

Sep 15, 2020

Do you have a hard time letting go of how you thought things should be, or how you think other people should be?

Letting go can be really difficult because your nervous system and your ego love consistency and knowing what comes next.

With all of the changes in the world and around us, it seems like we are in a...