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Divinely Aligned Meditations & Musings with Elena Lipson

Jan 28, 2020

Do you consider yourself to be an intuitive person?

Do you trust your intuition fully and take action based on your intuitive nudges?

Do you have a consistent and predictable way to connect with your intuition?

Do you think women are more intuitive than men?


In this episode, I’m going to share why men just may be...

Jan 21, 2020

Do you find yourself scrolling social media or shoe shopping instead of sending that email, or writing the next chapter of your book?

Have you tried everything to focus, but still find yourself answering phone calls from friends when you should be working on your business plan?

I get it. Distraction is a natural part of...

Jan 14, 2020

How much of your time and energy do you spend analyzing and thinking about what other people think about you and your life.

How much of your day is spent doing things because you think you have to?

Do you find yourself staying quiet in situations because you don’t want to offend, or seem difficult?

You, like so many...

Jan 7, 2020

As women, from early on we get told how to be, how to act, and what is possible for us.

These are what I call β€œfalse agreements” and are not based in truth of what we are capable of, yet these β€œfalse agreements’ can keep us stuck in self-doubt and self-sabotage in life, business, and our relationships.